Different Types of Logos Design in the World

Different Types of Logos Design in the World


 A logo is a visual representation of a company. It is an essential part of your company’s branding and often one of the first things customers will associate with your business. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some common types that we will explore here today. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just curious about the different types of logos, this blog post is designed to help you understand the basics of logo design.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos are typographical designs that feature a company name written in a unique font or style. Think Google, Spotify, and Coca-Cola. These wordmark logos are recognizable because they use a unique font or typeface to draw attention to their brand name. They also tend to be quite simple and elegant, making them easy to remember and recognize. Companies that want to emphasize their brand name often choose wordmark logos for their website or product packaging.

Symbol Logos

Symbol logos are also quite popular among companies that want to create a memorable logo design without relying on words alone. These symbols usually represent an object that relates to the company’s mission or values (think Apple’s apple). Symbol logos tend to be eye-catching and iconic, making them great for businesses that want their logo to stand out from the crowd.

Combination Mark Logos

 Combination mark logos combine both words and symbols into one cohesive image. This is especially useful when brands want to convey both their brand name and what they do in one glance (think Starbucks’ mermaid). Combination marks can be tricky to design because they need to be both visually appealing as well as instantly recognizable by potential customers.

Different Types of Logos Design in the World


Logos come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique purpose depending on the goals of the company behind it. No matter what type of logo you’re looking for, it’s important to consider how it can help strengthen your customer recognition and foster customer loyalty over time. Understanding the different types of logo designs available can help give you an idea of how best to represent your business online or through print advertising materials like flyers or brochures. By considering all aspects of your desired logotype – from colors used, fonts are chosen, and even the message conveyed – you can develop an effective logo for your business that resonates with your target audience!

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